2005, Asia

Blog Revived!

Tokyo, Summer 2005.

Hello!  A (very) few might remember, but I used to maintain a travel/photo blog for many years.  Then in 2011 someone offered to buy the rights to my domain,  wanderwithme.com.  Since that point, I became lazy and did not re-post my blog on another domain, and all the content is now digital litter somewhere. 

Looking back, I wish I had given it a better effort at the time as I was far ahead of the trend.  I wish I actually learned to take better pictures. I also wish I took more video.  Regardless, I’m still excited re-live my past experiences in hindsight, and log them all while they’re still reasonably fresh in my mind.  This blog will be the personal travel journal I never wrote.

My ‘ol travel blog is officially revived!

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