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Arriving in Kyoto (2017)

As of now, this was the most recent time I went to Kyoto. It’s very interesting every time to see how it has changed (and also some things remain the same). The increasing influx of tourism each year has definitely left its mark, for better or worse. Nearly everyone wearing a yukata or kimono is a tourist, especially from other Asian countries. I always found it funny to see people taking photos of them like they’re part of the local experience. Sorry to break your any bubbles, but unless its some holiday or a hanami/hanabi, it’s probably not a Japanese person…..

But regardless, Kyoto has always had a soft spot in my heart and it continues to be one of my favorite places in the world.

Arriving at Kyoto Station, Kyoto Tower looming above.
Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F1.4 R

Arriving via shinkansen at Kyoto eki is always a great feeling. Even as a Tokyo resident, it starts feeling like I’m actually in Japan.

My favorite camera store’s Kyoto branch.
Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F1.4 R

On this trip we didn’t eat on the train (for once), so our first stop was one of the many ramen shops near the station. The station itself has a ramen “street” upstairs. I rarely make it to the ramen street though, because my favorite waffles in the world was right near it. It was hard to skip those heavenly waffles. BUT VERY VERY sadly, but the waffle place has closed down recently after many years of making me a super happy human being. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been to Kyoto since this trip discovering they’re closed!

Hustle & bustle of a ramen shop
Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F1.4 R
R A M E N !
Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F1.4 R
Matcha Ice cream and mochi in Green Tea. I drool as i type.
Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F1.4 R
Wife enjoying hers. Mine was better. 🙂
Fujifilm X-T2, XF 35mm F1.4 R

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