2009, Croatia, Europe

Day Two in Dubrovnik, Croatia (2009)

Well, the weather got better!  Which was a good thing, because what was supposed to be five days in Dubrovnik became only two.  The manager/owner of the hotel I was staying at was running a small side business of renting cars, so I decided to rent one and go on a few day trips after this day.  He had the cars parked on a clifftop maybe 150-200 meters up the hill from the outer gates.  I’m pretty sure now, ten years later, there’s definitely not a grassy, open-area car park anymore.  Probably some restaurant or hotel now…. But anyways, the rental car rate was irresistible even for someone half-broke and jobless like me at the time of this trip.

Finally the famous orange rooftops starting looking… orange.
And the weather just kept getting better as the day went on. This was still early in the morning.
I always have the urge to take pictures of any basketball court I see outside the States.
Can anyone recognize this spot? Esp South Korean drama aficionados?

So this spot would later become the famous Buza Bar. No bar, awnings, chairs, tables, nor the white metal rails for safety when I went. Nothing. When it first got started, a lot the reviews and comments noted it was found accidentally and a gem. A recent Korean drama made it even more popular, and now its common to see many Korean tourists here (both at the bar, and in Dubrovnik in general). I guess I accidentally found the spot before it was a spot….

Walking on top of the city walls was a treat. Beautiful scenery across the town and into the ocean, and barely ANY people. That was the most noticeable thing for me visiting in 2009 vs almost ten year later. Maybe 30-40 people on the entire wall, vs being crowded on ever side and corner. But nonetheless, it doesn’t take away from the experience. Just avoid clinging next to the larger tour groups and you’ll have plenty of moments to take your selfies unobstructed 🙂

Mini Bobo
It’s impossible to take a bad pictures of Dubrovnik. Though now with the massive proliferation of tourists and also Instagram/photoshoppers, it’s difficult to take a special or unique one. Mine are all certainly run of the mill now, at best.
Such a difference from the dreary, rainy day yesterday
Looking down from near where the rental cars were parked.
Hard to beat a nice Mediterranean seafood lunch by the ocean
Advantage of having a car, do what you want, when you want, where you want!

Gear List

  • Nikon D300
  • Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8
  • Tokina 12-24mm

2 thoughts on “Day Two in Dubrovnik, Croatia (2009)”

    1. Thank you for the kind comment William! I absolutely agree with you…. the sunny day ones just look like everyone else’s…. 🙂


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