2017, Denmark, Europe

Morning walk in Copenhagen (2017)

Sun starting to set, view from our Airbnb

So we arrived in Copenhagen in the late afternoon, and quickly checked into our Airbnb. Normally we prefer to stay at hotels, and centrally located ones at that, but occasionally we like to mix in Airbnb’s if they offer something unique. In this case, we were in the middle of a very long trip so we just simply needed a laundry machine….

I took the quick snapshot above right after checking in. It was nice to wake up and be along the river. But we had to rush off to make it to dinner in time.

A field in front of an office
Kødbyens Fiskebar, where we had dinner
Well, with Mini Bobo as well.
More importantly, our stop after dinner. Three floyds had this collab with Mikkeller, how could I not go?

It wasn’t the first time in Copenhagen for either of us, but it was the first time after discovering one of our favorite brews, Mikkeller. So we had to make this stop next door after dinner!

Mini Bobo @ Warpigs

After some badly needed sleep, we got up the next morning to a really pleasant, peaceful day. Instead of going off to discover something new, or take the train or water taxi, we decided to go for a walk up the river.

Pleasant, peaceful Saturday morning walk
Checking picture during morning coffee time
There were so many cool posters around, this was one of them.

Can you find Mini Bobo?
Can you find him here
This might possibly be one of my simplest life dreams. Just sit outside, enjoy the day, read a book… so many under-rated pleasures in life!

Gear List:
Fujifilm GFX w/ GF 63mm f/2.8
Sony A7r iii w/ Sigma EF 35mm ART, Sony 12-24mm f/4
Leica Q

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