2012, North America, USA

Maui Mini-moon & Big Island (2012)

So we were married in the continental US in 2012. Unfortunately, we were still living apart at the time (My wife in New York, me in Tokyo). Also, we had just burned through a lot of our savings and vacation days on the wedding. It would have been a bit sad to split and back to Tokyo/NY right after the wedding, so we sneaked in a quick 4.5 day trip to Hawaii. And in case you’re wondering, Yena did indeed move over to Tokyo a few months later so we could be together! This was also my first time in Hawaii since I was 3 years old.

The Four Seasons never disappoints.
Sunrise from the balcony
One of the best breakfast buffets we’ve had!

We spent most of our limited time at the Four Seasons Maui just relaxing. As one should do! But one thing we did try was Stand-up paddle boarding. The conclusion was quite clear from the beginning. I’m terrible at it, and I have no balance. Yena was a natural. Bit of a recurring theme throughout our marriage, must say!

Mini Bobo more interested in going surfing than posing for the photo
Hawaii as we imagined it.

After the quick stop in Hawaii, we spent the next few days in the Big Island, Hawaii. That was my favorite island for sure. We more or less just drove around the entire island, making stops here and there.

Volcanic ground
Can you find Mini Bobo?

I especially found the volcanic soil and formations quite interesting. I’ve been around volcanoes before but not such an expansive area of igneous rock/ground.

Another one of the highlights though was something I’ve always wanted to experience. Feeling like you’re above the clouds.

More clouds & volcanoes on my next Hawaii update!

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