Layover in Oslo (2016)

All three times I’ve been in Oslo it was always for a half day (one night) layover. I’ve always loved the city, but its a shame I never really explored it. This was my most recent visit, arriving in the afternoon and flying out first thing in the morning.

The parks always make for a lovely walk when weather cooperates.

This was my third time in Oslo. Funnily, my most endearing memory was when I passed thru my first time as a young, unemployed backpacker. I still remember how eye-wateringly expensive even McDonald’s was.

Ferry in the harbor
Overpriced seafood 🙂

This was my first time seeing the new harbor-front promenade. I think they built it in 2012. It just reminded me of everything that is quintessential/stereotypical modern Scandi. Which is a good thing.

Mini Bobo enjoying the new promenade
Exactly how I would imagine modern Scandi living. It also reminds me of Cornell’s newer dorm rooms… haha
Sun setting
Mini Bobo
By Day
By Night
Oslo’s Sleek Opera House
Enjoying the view from the top of the opera house

All shot on my beloved Fujifilm X-T2

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