2015, North America, USA

Grand Canyons, Arizona (2015)

So this was a day-trip fly-in from Vegas. I was with a good buddy Mike – and to this day still have no idea why we decided to do a day-trip to the Canyons in the middle of a boy’s trip! But nonetheless, so glad we went. Can’t say we were in the best of physical condition (hence the water bottles….)… but it was an amazing time.

Born and raised in the US, it was one of those things I thought I’d always be able to go whenever I feel, but that hasn’t been the case. Gotta do things while one can. I’d love to go back because a short day-trip definitely does not do the place justice, but I also still have so many other national parks on my bucket list…

On the flight to the South Rim. The pilots were nice enough to let Mini Bobo check out the cockpit and pose for a picture.
For scale, see the people on the lookout point on the top of closest cliff.
Not sure this was the smartest thing to do – Mike was wearing flip flops made for the beach!
But I guess its worth the insta-worthy pictures.

All shot on a Fujifilm X-T1

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