2009, South America, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (2009)

This was a really quick ferry day-trip from Buenos Aires when I was on my South America tour. Now 10!! years ago… Time flies. The weather wasn’t that great, and this was during a phase I went through where I didn’t really take many photos (just one snapshop here n there) during my travels. Regret….

Ahead of going on the trip I read that it was a charming and sleepy town, whatever that meant. But it turned out to be an apt description.

Ghost Ships
Can you spot Mini Bobo?
Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento
View from the lighthouse
Random couple

All shot on my ‘ol trusty Nikon D700, AF-S 50mm f/1.4, Sigma 12-24mm (glorious UWA at the time, but also with its not so glorious color, color sharpness, and vignetting issues).

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