2016, New Zealand, Oceania

Mt. Cook Hike Part 1 – NZ (2016)

I met my family with my wife in the South Island, and this is one of the walks we did. What a beautiful country! I missed this part when I last visited nearly a decade earlier, so it was nice to share the scenery with family.

2016, Bahrain

Al-Fateh Grand Mosque, Bahrain (2016)

Despite its large size (some 6500 square meters, able to fit 7000+ worshipers), there aren't nearly as many visitors are other famous mosques. So when I walked in with my wife, we were greeted by a staff member who gave a personal tour and talked about his faith. Usually when traveling or touring I don't like to be bothered, but it was all just very interesting.

2016, Africa, South Africa

Sunset over Table Mountain (2016)

We actually weren't planning to stay thru until sunset, but the cable car was halted for a long time because of strong winds. So we just kept enjoying the scenery. Thank goodness for uber to take us back to our hotel after descending so late. The first time I visited the first generation iPhone was only just released....