2012, North America, USA

Quick Bay Area Weekend, San Fran Area (2012)

We went up on a day trip to Napa, and then down to the 17-mile scenic drive and Carmel-by-the-Sea which was a super quant little town! (And I didn't take a single pic there for some reason!). Thank you Dennis/Katie for housing us for part of the trip, and driving us around! They weren't even married yet then, and now they have two beautiful children. Oh, how time flies.

2018, Asia, Indonesia, Uncategorized

Sanchaya Weekend – Bintan, Indonesia (2018)

Bintan is a small islands in Indonesia that's popular with Singapore based weekend tripper (it takes a bit under a hour by ferry to the Bintan ferry terminal). The Sanchaya is majorly overpriced, especially relative for typical pricing in Bintan or Indonesia, but its def the best you can get on the island.

2009, Peru, South America

Machu Picchu, Peru (2009)

Macchu Picchu really lived up to expectations. The ruins were pristine, and clean (not sure what they're like now in 2020). It wasn't crowded either, minus a few small tour groups and backpackers it was pretty. The scenery around was stunning.